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Remediating and Restoring Lynn Mold Damage

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

opened wall showing mold damage When mold remediation and build back are needed for your Lynn area home, call SERVPRO.

Is Mold Damage Common for Lynn Homes

Damaging weather systems of snow and rain combined with frequent humid conditions make the Greater Lynn area susceptible to threats. Many homeowners have likely experienced mold in their property’s lifetime, especially in lower levels like cellars and basements. While mold can form in just about any area, it is mostly seen in:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Crawlspaces
  • Bathrooms

Experienced remediators get dispatched to help with Lynn mold damage when these problems arise. Through combined efforts of mold removal and the cutting-edge equipment and products used to combat these disasters, our SERVPRO team can rapidly manage the cleanup, restoration, and remediation of active colonization.

What Makes Mold Threatening?

Part of the reason mold is underestimated and overlooked as a threat to the property is that many do not fully appreciate potential damage to the residence. Mold development is a threat to the structural integrity of the hosting materials and could continue to worsen the longer conditions go unchallenged.

Containing the Work Area

Our professionals can take early actions to help after mold and microbial threats by erecting containment barriers. By combining polyethylene sheeting, tension poles, wooden framework, and other components, we can successfully eliminate pathways of spores to new areas. We also cover HVAC returns and vents, keeping the ductwork from becoming a new passage for spore activity.

Mold Remediation Approaches

There is no universal remediation approach, so the same methods do not work in every household experiencing mold development. The preferred and least invasive option is our surface cleaning solution using antimicrobial products in our inventory to neutralize or eliminate mold activity on the surface of hosting materials. This option only affects the outermost layer, however. More abrasive cleaning might be necessary in many cases, involving mechanical actions like sanding or soda blasting. It is only when there is no suitable solution that options like controlled demolition are considered.

Overcoming Moisture Threats

The same general contractor license that gets used to implement the needed controlled demolition benefits other areas of the remediation process. Because prolonged moisture exposure is the primary contributor to mold development, it is essential to take the necessary time to implement strategies to prevent recurrences. For warding off future mold damage, our SERVPRO team

  • Resolves plumbing leaks
  • Repairs to structural damage
  • Seals openings
  • Installs proper ventilation

Lingering Odors After Mold Damage

One of the more challenging aspects of remediation for our professionals is addressing odors that result from spreading colonies. Volatile organic compounds are produced by active organisms, creating musty odors that overwhelm the immediate area. In most cases, this same strong smell can help initially identify problems in your home, even if you cannot see them. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified AMRT technicians have multiple deodorization practices to help neutralize odor compounds, like foggers and hydroxyl generators.

Are Mold Damage Repairs Necessary?

It is difficult to experience mold development in a home or business that does not require some repairs. Fungal activity may be enough to require controlled demolition, but there is the added focus on the vulnerabilities that allow moisture to persist. With this repair capability in our ranks, you do not have to wait to complete the full remediation processes and return to normal living conditions.

Lynn mold damage can impact many separate areas, making it important to have a thorough and complete evaluation when remediation first begins. Our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team is ready to respond fast with skilled professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and potent antimicrobial products to help. Call us now at (781) 593-6663.

Why SERVPRO Finishes Fire Restoration of Lynn Area Homes Faster

7/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO soot removal sign Fire damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO techs have you covered from start too finish. Call now!

Teamwork Boosts SERVPRO's Fire Restoration

When a home in Lynn burns, firefighters, work together to put the fire out as quickly as possible. They use teamwork, practice, and experienced, to extinguish the flames and regain control of the damaged areas. SERVPRO carries out fire restoration in a very similar way, using teamwork.

Relying on each other's strengths, SERVPRO's technicians work methodically, performing fire restoration tasks inside Lynn area residences. Each aspect of fire damage requires a specialized response:

  • Burnt materials and possessions,
  • Soot that formed from incomplete combustion of materials,
  • Elevated water in solid materials and moisture in the air, and odor.

Fire destroys a lot of what it touches. SERVPRO's crew takes an inventory of these items and then bags them. Then the team can carry them outside your home so your family can get a fresh start.

Smoke from burning walls, carpets, and anything else happens because some of these items disintegrate as they burn, and the heat carries these tiny pieces of wood, plastic, cloth, and so on into the air. We call this soot. It is greasy or dry, powdery or thick and clingy, depending on its source. We use special equipment to strip it from the surfaces throughout your house.

Fighting fire requires hundreds of gallons of water. When cold water hits hot, burning things, the steam goes everywhere. Moisture in this form travels far and wide, leaving areas of your home that do not require fire restoration in need of mold remediation and water mitigation. We handle both of these issues, starting with preventative measures.

Odor and strong, unpleasant smells come from burned plastics, soot, stagnant water, or a combination of those things. Much of the other work diminishes odor related to fire and smoke, but most homeowners continue to experience foul scents. We use thermal fogging, which is extremely effective at getting into the same places harboring soot particles. Without deconstructing these areas, we would never get to the hidden soot otherwise.

After a fire, call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield at (781) 214-3705 for fast, professional fire restoration work.

Why SERVPRO Uses Dry Ice for Mold Removal in Lynn Area Residences

7/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Open windows for fresh air sign SERVPRO mold removal specialists use the latest technology and equipment for every service. We are here to help.

Lynn Trusts SERVPRO for Mold Removal Services

Our expert mold removal technicians protect Lynn area homes with different highly effective methods. Dry ice pellets evaporate quickly into an easily dissipated gas. Because these pellets’ freezing temperatures kill microbes, releasing spores becomes impossible, creating a more thorough process.

When homeowners in Lynn need mold removal services, SERVPRO uses the most effective methods. We can only use dry ice pellets on unpainted wood, concrete, or brick because abrading these cause no damage like it would on finished or painted surfaces. Our team can clean glass, metal, tile, and other smooth surfaces with sponges instead.

Blasting with dry ice pellets results in an accumulation of dust made of dead mold. This dust is easily vacuumed and removed from the area. Here are some points of interest that can give you some information about dry ice blasting:

  • Leaves wood looking like new and cleans other hard materials like concrete and brick,
  • Requires personal protective equipment (PPE) for our mold removal technicians, and
  • Perfect for smaller areas, like closets, attic enclosures, or under cabinets.
  • Process does not introduce additional moisture

We enclose the affected area with plastic sheeting for large areas, like your great room or adjoining walls in your sunroom. Plastic sheeting can form a negative pressure system, helping to keep unaffected areas from getting dirty. The dead mold falls to the floor while the dry ice pellets evaporate into the air.

When we finish the work, we check for the moisture’s source. The repairs can also be done prior to the remediation service–depending on the circumstances. The problem could be with the house’s envelope, a water line leak, an appliance, or another issue. Our construction team can help resolve any deficits, which helps ensure that the environment becomes uninhabitable for any future microbes.

SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield has highly trained experts in mold removal ready to help defend your home and clean everything, so you can relax and no longer worry about the damage microbes can cause. Call us at (781) 214-3705, 24/7, year-round.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Removal and Inspection Services in Lynn

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on wall Mold removal in Lynn is no DIY project. SERVPRO techs have the training and equipment for every job.

Need Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Services in Lynn – Call SERVPRO

Many residents of Lynn do not realize they have an issue with mold until they notice a strong, musty odor emanating from specific areas of their homes. Often, there is a water leak, moisture from AC units, or high humidity levels with little air circulation and warm conditions creating perfect conditions for mold growth. A mold infestation can quickly grow into a full-scale colony that continues growing until mold remediation efforts are followed.

SERVPRO provides mold inspection and mold removal services to Lynn and surrounding area residents. Residents should take action as soon as they notice a strong, musty odor or observe mold forming on their homes' walls, floors, or ceilings. Our mold inspection team evaluates the affected area, and we are obligated to follow local and state laws regarding documentation and removal protocols for larger infestations.

Mold spores are everywhere, just waiting for the right conditions to germinate. Combine moisture, warmth, and a food source, and suddenly you have a mold infestation that looks unsightly, smells bad, and can cause structural issues if left in place long enough. Drywall, fabrics, and even the two-by-fours inside your walls can be compromised.

SERVPRO mold removal technicians use controlled demolition techniques and negative pressure rooms, and we bag debris in place before removing mold-infested materials from your home for disposal. We follow these removal protocols to prevent the spread of mold spores to additional areas of your home.

SERVPRO offers the following services to our clients dealing with mold issues:

  • Mold inspection and advice on the proper removal process
  • Mold removal following state-mandated guidelines
  • Mold remediation and repair of damaged areas

Call the mold removal specialists from SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield and nearby areas for assistance. We can help 24/7. Call (781) 593-6663.

Mold Damage and the Impact on Your Lynn Property

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

mold damaged door and walls Mold remediation is no easy task. SERVPRO technicians have the training and experience needed for your property. We are ready to help 24/7 365 days.

Why Call SERVPRO in Lynn? We Handle Mold Damage Fast!

As with any home restoration project, there are many moving parts involved when you suspect mold damage in your home. Lynn residents can trust SERVPRO for several reasons, including our IICRC-certifications and ongoing training.

Why not handle mold damage in Lynn on my own? Because DIY leaves you open to secondary damage and the potential health effects of mold on your family and pets in the home. Here at SERVPRO, we are professionals regarding air quality, careful mold cleanup, and handling the root cause of mold infestation.

Again, why SERVPRO? Here are the highlights:

  • Damage assessment and inspection – We carefully inspect your Lynn property for signs of mold using our training and moisture detection tools. Our team understands mold is often hidden from view, so we take the time for careful inspection.
  • Containment is imperative – You never want mold to get dislodged and travel through the air into unaffected rooms of your home. We use containment measures to isolate the damage using negative air pressure and physical barriers.
  • Diligent air filtration – Air filtration is vital for any mold cleanup and restoration project. We have specialized HEPA filtration air scrubber units to pull microscopic mold spores from the air to capture them. Our team also uses vacuums to carefully pull up the mold and keep it from spreading during remediation. 
  • Contents cleaning – Not everything that mold touches is a loss. We address restorable items with meticulous cleaning and sanitizing. This may also include specialized fogging equipment to help us trap foul, musty odors for easier removal.

Depending on how significant the mold infestation is, some materials may need replacement – this includes subfloors, carpeting, drywall, and more. Our trusted contractors will handle reconstruction; we then leave all surfaces cleaned and deodorized – Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Request help online or call SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield at (781) 593-6663. We are available to help any day of the week to handle your mold damage needs!

Why Hire Trained Certified Pros for East Lynn Fire Damage Restoration

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

iicrc logo SERVPRO has in-house trained FSRT fire and smoke damage technicians following the guidelines of the IICRC--Why East Lynn Homeowners trust us!

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Training Prepares East Lynn Technicians for Cleanup

DIY fire damage restoration may strike East Lynn homeowners as the more cost-effective solution after a small home fire occurs. However, soot and smoke damage can affect more than surface-level char and soot might indicate, impacting food storage, appliances, electrical components, fibers, and metals in the affected area.

SERVPRO fire damage restoration professionals provide East Lynn property owners with 24/7 service that returns structures and contents to a pre-disaster condition. SERVPRO equipment also handles water damage from fire suppression, protein residues from cooking fires, and heavy char on wood furniture and fixtures.

Highly Trained SERVPRO Professionals Meet Restoration Industry Standards

SERVPRO’s rigorous training programs keep technicians, staff, and franchise owners well-versed in current restoration industry best practices and how to implement them. Technicians and staff and staff are encouraged to pursue further certifications to increase their knowledge base at their own pace.

  • SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-based training covers topics including fire and water damage cleanup, mold remediation, and cleaning upholstery and carpeting. One certification is FSRT—fire and smoke restoration.
  • Employee Certification Training provides new SERVPRO employees with the knowledge and certification necessary to implement SERVPRO restoration strategies
  • Self-paced e-Learning modules allow restoration technicians and staff to further their understanding of mitigation services and pave the way for earning additional certifications
  • New franchise owners experience a hands-on, 15-day SERVPRO Corporate Training Facility program that covers fire, water, and mold remediation as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Continuing education courses with credit and noncredit options are available for SERVPRO staff and professionals in real estate, insurance, and other industries

Property owners can call (781) 593-6663 for “Like it never even happened” mitigation services from SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield.

How Do Mold Removal Companies Improve Restoration of East Lynn Homes?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Mold growth will spread like wild-fire within 24 to 48 hours. SERVPRO mold remediation specialists have the equipment and technique for every size job

SERVPRO Focuses on Understanding Why There Is Mold in Your East Lynn Property

Of all issues that lead to property damage, mold may not seem that difficult to address, especially when you identify contamination in the early stages. Therefore the thought of involving mold removal companies may not be one of your priorities.

The assistance of mold removal companies benefits East Lynn property owners in many ways, including faster turnaround time and better outcomes. SERVPRO offers mold remediation as part of other property restoration services, so we are best equipped to handle all restoration work.

Among the benefits of professional restoration include:

  • Revealing all hidden mold
  • Minimal risk of exposure to moldy materials
  • Access to advanced remediation procedures

One thing you might not factor in as you restore moldy areas yourself is the chance of recurrence. To an inexperienced person, mold is what grows on surfaces. On the other hand, trained microbial remediation technicians understand that spores are naturally occurring and only need sufficient moisture and food source to trigger new growth. Therefore, companies like SERVPRO use remediation approaches that address current contamination and prevent future development.

Likely methods for controlling mold in your property include:

  • Removing all excess moisture and stopping any sources
  • Applying antimicrobials on cleaned surfaces
  • Removing any heavily contaminated porous materials

Another unique advantage companies present is advanced remediation procedures such as dry ice or soda blasting. Such methods use air pressure to force dry ice or sodium bicarbonate pellets. The pellets explode on contact with a surface, removing any residues and thus simplifying remediation in attics and crawl spaces that characteristically have unfinished surfaces and limited space. Therefore, it is difficult to use other methods to clean mold debris in these areas. 

SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield is one of the reliable mold removal companies you can call when mold contaminates your property. You can reach us at (781) 593-6663. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Manage Your Risk with a SERVPRO Fire Safety and Prevention Plan in Lyon

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

smoke from fire SERVPRO technicians are trained and experienced in all phases of fire damage restoration. We are here to help.

What is a SERVPRO Emergency Fire and Safety Prevention Profile in Lynn?

Business owners are focused on day-to-day operations for their businesses in Lynn. They are focused on developing sales forecasts, fulfilling customer orders, ordering finished goods, manufacturing, and providing support services to their customers. Few take the time to consider managing their risk associated with natural disasters, e.g., fire, flooding, and the impact on operations from mold infestations.

SEERVPRO can assist in managing these risks with our fire safety and prevention plans for businesses in Lynn. Our Emergency Ready Profile and Plan (ERP) includes fire safety and prevention and other natural disaster preparedness for your business. The ERP plan is straightforward, available for residential and business customers, and free of cost.

SERVPRO combines our fast response commitment with our ERP plan to mitigate the secondary damage caused by chemicals and water used by the fire department to put out the fire. We also identify areas within your property that may place your building and contents even more at risk of damage during a fire.

Our ERP plan success is based on the following attributes:

  • Our in-person inspection identifies areas that are at risk
  • Business owners can identify high priority areas and materials for intervention
  • Utility shutoff locations are recorded
  • Contact details for preferred vendors and contractors providing support services for equipment
  • Identify management team for decision making during a fire or natural disaster

A SERVPRO ERP plan can be added to your risk management plan for your business and incorporated with training for your employees to help manage fire safety and prevent fires that could devastate your business. We aim to return your business to normal as fast as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield for fire safety and prevention in Lynn and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (781) 593-6663.

Can Property Owners Improve the Odds of Successful Disaster Restoration in the Lynn Massachusetts Region?

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

ERP mobile app images The mobile ERP Emergency READY Profile Program developed by SERVPRO Can Prevent or Mitigate Damage to Lynn Area Properties

Lynn area businesses and residents seek streamlined recovery efforts, why SERVPRO offers the innovative Emergency READY Profile (ERP)

When seeking the best fit for fire, water, storm, and mold among property damage recovery professionals in Lynn and surrounding communities, owners are wise to take proactive steps to customize and speed the restoration process. Our investment in robust planning tools is why SERVPRO is the company to call. We make it convenient for you to create practical disaster mitigation and remediation agendas to guide our managers and technicians when an emergency presents.

What Is the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP)?

Professional assessment, plus the essential details only an owner knows, combine during emergency pre-planning, why SERVPRO’s ERP benefits Lynn’s residential and commercial properties in anticipation of natural or human-made crises. The ERP creation process is straightforward and available free of cost:

  • Call ahead to set up an on-site evaluation with an experienced project manager.
  • Walking through your specific physical space is why SERVPRO can individualize the plan.
  • Diagrams, photos, and other information seen through the eyes of a professional restorer support the most effective response, why SERVPRO stresses in-person inspection.
  • Property owner input sharpens our focus, why SERVPRO developed a mobile app owners can use to provide details.

What Should Property Owners Add to Make the ERP More Constructive?

Although we are a leader in commercial and residential damage restoration in the Lynn area, you are the experts concerning your property, why SERVPRO values and requires your perspective. Here are some hints on using our ERP app most efficaciously:

  • Clarify your restoration provider preference, explaining why SERVPRO can begin work immediately.
  • Identify the location of utility shutoffs.
  • List contact information for vendors and contractors who designed and installed your equipment, appliances, and systems.
  • Indicate your priorities to help us rank interventions.
  • Designate individuals who can act on your behalf if you are unavailable when disaster strikes.

Our highly effective Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) is among many reasons why SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield delivers outstanding outcomes after property disasters. Call us at (781) 242-5430 to schedule an ERP assessment.

Efficient Mold Inspections for East Lynn Homes 

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage wall SERVPRO is the professional outfit needed for all of your mold remediation services. Call now for fast and immediate service.

Evaluating moist conditions in East Lynn homes can identify when mold threats exist. 

No matter where mold might exist in your home, our experienced remediators work to eliminate the colonies without making the situation worse with added moisture or improper containment. The first step in this process is identifying the extent of the damage and what specific materials are affected by fungal colonization. 

Inspecting Damaged Attics and Basements 

Two areas where mold removal in East Lynn homes is often necessary are the attic and the basement. Structural breaches and vulnerabilities in either of these areas can lead to excessive moisture concerns that leave organic matter installed susceptible to mold growth. Fungal development can be quickly identified with mold inspections by our production manager or crew chief. 

Remediation Solutions for Mold Threats 

There are several potential options for removing mold and microbial threats from area residences. With the lack of air circulation and possible moisture concerns in the attic and basement levels, the best remediation approaches are ones that target exposed organic matter like roof supports, trusses, floor supports, and other wooden constructs. Some of these remediation solutions include: 

  • Surface cleaning
  • Media blasting (dry)
  • Controlled demolition

Mold is a threatening presence in area homes and can be challenging to remove even with the fast response of our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team. Our remediation professionals are ready to help 24/7 at (781) 593-6663.

What Advanced Moisture Detection Devices Does SERVPRO Use in East Lynn Homes?

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Burst main water line Water removal is a specialty of SERVPRO. We use the latest technology and equipment for any size disaster.

Tracking moisture pockets is critical to efficient water removal and drying. 

Despite multiple tracking methods, portable tablets equipped with infrared cameras offer a lightweight solution to establishing damage perimeters. Thermography uses temperature readings to predict damp pockets and show what tools work best for recovery.

How Do Infrared Cameras Track Moisture? 

Thermal imagery moisture detection helps distinguish and set SERVPRO among the top water restoration companies for East Lynn. Understanding the data these instruments produce can showcase when alternative cleaning and drying efforts might be beneficial. Thermography can read two types of temperature fluctuations, including:

  • Thermal Capacitance – This term is meant to indicate the ability of an affected material to store thermal energy. From water’s natural ability to retain heat to cooler surfaces in damp spaces, infrared imagery can help track moisture.
  • Evaporation – Evaporative cooling takes place when well-placed air movers begin to dry out affected areas. This development gets tracked through surface meters and infrared, with blue colors often pointing to the likelihood of moisture. We can act quickly to deploy drying and water removal tools. 

Following up on water damage with monitoring is wise to prevent irreparable harm when possible. Let our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team help by calling (781) 593-6663.

Is Controlled Demolition Needed for Mold Removal in Lynn Homes?

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

a woman looking at a mold infested wall Found a mold infestation? Our technicians are standing by 24/7 for your mold damage emergency call.

As leading remediators, we have multiple approaches for restoring Lynn homes.

Controlled demolition is a common practice necessary for removing black mold and attic mold growing in Lynn homes. Our remediation team is a one-stop-shop to help with multiple concerns, including:

  • Mold damage
  • Mold removal 
  • Odor elimination
  • Structural repairs
  • Build back

When is Controlled Demolition Necessary in Lynn Homes?

Mold removal for Lynn homes is always the first choice in protecting the property and eliminating organisms that could cause health effects. Because conventional remediation practices might not handle the full scope of the house's remediation and restoration needs, our general contractor license can become a vital element. We can provide multiple services and actions beyond surface treatments to make mold damage "Like it never even happened."

Mold removal might not always be enough to resolve spreading destructive colonies, but our controlled demolition practices can help. Give our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team a call today at (781) 593-6663.

Local Mold Inspection Services Near Me?

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage door and ceiling SERVPRO techs use the latest equipment and technology when it comes to mold remediation services needed for your home.

SERVPRO Can Provide Your East Lynn Home with Mold Inspection Services 

Many homeowners do not reach out for mold inspection services when they first suspect potential damage, which is a mistake. The reality of microbial growth in your home is that it tends to get very out of hand before you ever see physical evidence. It is better to be safe rather than sorry. 

If you find yourself wondering about reaching out for professional East Lynn Mold Inspection Services, don't hesitate. For example, if you know you had water damage in your home a few weeks back, it wouldn't hurt to have a follow-up inspection. Some signals of mold damage could be: 

  • A musty smell
  • White dust-like powder (as no all mold is the same color)
  • Health effects in some individuals 
  • Possible health effects

Furthermore, your home could have damages before any of these signs are visible. Here at SERVPRO, our technicians are highly certified and are mold remediation experts. We can inspect your home with our advanced technology. Should we find mold, we can use the following devices and techniques to address it:

  • Antimicrobial disinfectant for exterminating spores
  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filters 
  • Remove infested drywall and insulation 

If you suspect mold damage may be an issue in your home, do not wait. Contact SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield by calling (781) 593-6663. 

How Does a Lynn Home Get Cleaned After Puff Back Damage?

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

green furnace in basement SERVPRO can clean your Lynn home, ducts, and heating system after a Puff Back--Contact us for a professional job!

Our SERVPRO professionals can clean and restore soot-damaged contents and structural elements.

There are inherent risks to running oil furnaces in your Lynn home, especially when these units begin to age without proper maintenance. A stalled ignition in the chamber can cause a small explosion when the furnace ultimately ignites. This event causes soot and smoke particles to blast through the HVAC system and out of vents and registers. Your personal belongings and exposed structural elements are both in need of immediate fire restoration.

How Do Furnace Puff Backs Affect Lynn Homes?

Fire puff back cleaning for Lynn homes hinges on knowing the extent of the damage. Beyond the immediate damage that puff backs can do to both the furnace and its ducts, there are several other impacts that these events can have:

  • Surface Damage – When soot comes to rest on the surfaces of structural elements and fixtures throughout your home, it can affect the underlying material. Without immediate cleaning with the appropriate techniques, these residues can permanently mar exposed surfaces. Soot is acidic and can etch glass and corrode metal surfaces.
  • Content Damage – Your personal belongings must also get considered when harmful particles are circulating in the environment. These items can become permanently damaged through prolonged exposure. SERVPRO can provide the advanced Esporta Washing System to gently clean fabrics using a hydraulic-based process.
  • Environmental Hazards – Circulating soot particles can be hazardous to the health of those exposed, making air filtration vital to begin as soon as possible to capture potentially threatening carcinogens. HEPA filters work with air scrubbers to trap airborne particles.

What Practices Are Used in Soot Removal?

Knowing what happens when soot needs to get removed from your house can help homeowners to prepare for these stages as they happen. Depending on the severity and thickness of present soils, there are multiple approaches to removing oil-based residues. While oil-based solvents and detergents can loosen heaping particles, agitative cleaning practices can reduce the threat's severity so cleaning can become more successful. Some of these approaches include:

  • Brushing
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming

Whenever a puff back occurs in your home, you can count on our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team to help you make it "Like it never even happened." We are available anytime you need us at (781) 593-6663.

Why Lynn Residents Should Call Certified Technicians for Water Removal – Understanding How DIY Methods are Not Enough

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

A blue skyline over a city. Calling SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield quickly after your water damage will help get ahead of any further issues your Lynn property has already occurred.

SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Start Water Removal So That Your Lynn Property Gets Restored Fast!

In the heart of New England and just 10 miles to the northeast of the Boston area, you will find the city of Lynn, Massachusetts. Nestled along the North Shore, Lynn boasts a population of 90,329 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. 

The city is named after a town located in England known as King's Lynn. This region is the home of Lynn's first minister, a man by the name of Samuel Whiting. Lynn is often referred to as the "City of Firsts" because the city proudly lays claim to several "firsts," including:

  • The first tannery developed in the United States was constructed here in Lynn back in 1629
  • Lydia Pinkham, a resident of Lynn, MA, was the very first woman who used her image for selling a product, which was a vegetable compound
  • In 1888, the first electric-powered trolley started running from Lynn
  • The first airmail delivery took place in New England in 1912 where it made the flight from Saugus, MA to Lynn, MA
  • In 1942, Lynn's General Electric facility was the site for production on the first jet airplane engine in the nation
  • Maria Mitchell, an astronomer from Lynn, was the first female inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences

Lynn, Massachusetts, originally began as a community centered on fishing and agricultural aspects. Later on, Lynn morphed into a city built on the thriving shoe industry based on the residents' leather shoe proficiency. The town was incorporated in 1631 and then became a city in the year 1850. Thomson-Houston Electric Company was perfect in 1892 with the Edison Electric Company, which then became General Electric. This is a company with a jet engine division that is still a significant employer within the city today.

Enjoying All that Lynn, Massachusetts Has to Offer for Recreation

Since Lynn, MA, is just minutes from the state capital of Boston, you will have many great sites to visit and take in. This includes the New England Aquarium, the Old North Church, the USS Constitution, and the Franklin Park Zoo. However, there are plenty of beautiful attractions within the Lynn city limits, including:

Lynn Woods – This is a beautiful park, which happens to be one of the most substantial municipal parks located within the United States. Here, you will have the ability to explore about 2,000 acres that are loaded with areas for biking, cross-country skiing, and hiking. Many locals love to visit for lunch during the workweek or a nice getaway to relax on the weekends.

Lynn Museum – The Heritage Museum and Lynn Arts is the cultural hub of the city and home to a broad range of exhibits that change throughout the year. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the museum itself is often home to different kid-oriented events and special occasions. The museum was founded back in 1897 to help preserve the rich history of Lynn, Massachusetts.

High Rock Park, Tower, and Observatory – This beautiful observatory can be accessed either by taking the stairs on the hillside or enjoying a winding drive in your vehicle. The towers' views are incredible, with many people flocking to this location to view the fireworks displays in the summer over the week of July 4th.

Sampling the Flavors of the Many Restaurants and Eateries of Lynn

Whether you are looking for a diner-like atmosphere or you want to find a place to bring someone special on a date, the city of Lynn has plenty of incredible places to grab a bite to eat. Some of the top restaurants and watering holes in the area include:

Christopher's Café: This dining establishment on Lewis Street takes diner specialties to a new level. You can come here to enjoy generous portions for breakfast or grab something quick during your lunch break. Top dishes on the menu include loaded omelets, grilled pork chops, and baby back ribs.

Rossetti Restaurant of Lynn: You will find this Italian restaurant on Sutton Street with a menu filled with exquisite dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, just right for sampling menu favorites like antipasti, jumbo Gulf shrimp scampi, steaks, and much more.

Atha's Roast Beef: Locals will tell you that this quick-bites eatery located on Boston Street is a real gem and a diamond in the rough. Despite the humble appearance, the menu is loaded with robust flavors and colossal sandwiches, such as the roast beef seasoned to perfection. Other favorites on the roster include buffalo fingers, specialty pizzas, and fresh Greek salads.

Why Call SERVPRO to Assist When You Have an Emergency That Calls for Water Removal? We Have All the Equipment and Proven Methods to Ensure Professional Results!

Water emergencies happen suddenly, which means many homeowners have little time to react. The good news is that SERVPRO features skilled technicians that utilize industrial-grade equipment to facilitate rapid cleanup throughout your Lynn home. Whether you have a leaking pipe, a burst pipe, or an appliance malfunction, you need to extract water quickly so that you can limit the impact of secondary damage. The longer you wait for cleanup, the more damage sets in, destroying materials and running up the restoration cost. 


When you call us for water removal in Lynn, we handle significant issues from the emergency, such as:

  • Standing water removal
  • Treatment of blackwater, which contains potentially harmful contaminants
  • Handling all soiling and debris
  • Cleaning your entire structure, leaving no area unaddressed
  • Thoroughly drying your residence while using moisture detection equipment to eliminate hidden moisture pockets
  • Controlled demolition, if necessary 
  • Deodorization and sanitization using EPA-registered products

There is no job that SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield cannot handle. When you contact us at (781) 593-6663, we send out a crew within hours to address your water removal needs. Our Green Fleet of vehicles come filled with all of the equipment, tools, and cleaning agents that we need to ensure rapid extraction, thorough drying, and impeccable cleaning throughout your property.

Lynn Shoppers Enjoy Chelmsford Crafts and Shopping with Their Favorite Drinks

11/13/2020 (Permalink)

shelves full of SERVPRO equipment It will be exciting to see the community at the Fall Sip and Shop to kick off the Holiday season.

Lynn Residents Kick off the Holiday Season with the 2020 Fall Sip & Shop

The Chelmsford Fall Sip & Shop is home to dozens of vendors and craft specialists, all of whom have something interesting to offer Lynn shoppers. This occasion is the perfect opportunity for some holiday decor or gift shopping. The Fall Sip & Shop takes place on November 18, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Princeton Station BallRoom in North Chelmsford.

This free admission, annual fall shopping event features the following:

  • Over 30 vendors to shop from
  • Raffle tables to boost your prize-winning opportunities
  • A cash bar to enjoy as you shop
  • Entertainment in the lounge area
  • Appetizers and other dining options available

Supporting local businesses is key to revitalizing communities. Giving back to hardworking solo entrepreneurs and company staff alike can be a fun and memorable experience that benefits everyone involved.

SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield provides Faster To Any Size Disaster mold remediation for Lynn homeowners when they call (781) 593-6663.

We Can Remediate Mold From Your Lynnfield Home

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall SERVPRO can help remediate mold damage in your home. Call us today.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Damage Inside of Your Lynnfield Home

Many situations could cause mold damage inside of your Lynnfield home. Mold spores are omnipresent and relatively harmless in their spore form. However, when exposed to excess moisture, they become active and cause many issues inside your home.

The mold damage in your Lynnfield home could damage your house's wooden frame as mold feeds off organic material. Furthermore, mold can cause health effects to the individuals inside of the home. Whenever you suspect mold damage may be inside of your home, it is wise to reach out for help right away.

Here at SERVPRO, we believe in being available when you need us. No matter what time you call, our technicians are ready to travel to your location with a van-full of advanced technology. Our technicians are expertly qualified for remediating the mold damage in your home and are certified by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, they can get to work right away. The mold damage in your home came about by leaky plumbing in your bathroom. Thankfully, such a small space makes it easy to contain and remediate.

Our technicians can start by setting up plastic sheeting around your bathroom entrance to quarantine the mold damage. Furthermore, we can shut vents and ensure that any opening airborne mold spores could travel through is closed. Once we're ready to remediate, SERVPRO can set up an air scrubber equipped with a HEPA filter to pull mold spores from the air while we work.

We can begin to agitate the mold colony, scrubbing it away from any non-porous materials. SERVPRO can also remove any infected porous materials to ensure no remnant of the colonies remains behind. Our technicians can use a biocide to help stop future infestations from the treated area to finish things off.

When you need help, always reach out for it. Immediately contact SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield by calling (781) 593-6663. No matter the time, we're ready to help.

Is My Home Susceptible to Mold?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

mold on wall, tile floor Count on SERVPRO for mold remediation for Lynn Properties

All Homes in Lynn are Susceptible to Mold, but a Professional Mold Remediation Team Can Help You

Homes in Lynn and throughout the area are vulnerable to mold if the right conditions come together. Whenever there is excess humidity, mold spores find a friendly environment to grow and spread throughout your home. We often don't perceive mold until it becomes visible on our walls, or health effects develop. Rather than waiting until the situation escalates, place a call to a specialist as soon as you suspect mold.

Our team at SERVPRO meets your mold remediation needs in Lynn. Our team members are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as applied microbial restoration technicians (AMRT), a testament to their knowledge of the mold remediation process. Mold remediation protocols should occur as soon as you suspect mold, which can happen when you see it, smell it, or otherwise determine excess humidity in your home. Failure to address the issue quickly can affect your health. As we do our job, we coordinate with other contractors necessary to control the leak's site or the root cause for mold.

What steps does SERVPRO take to remove mold from my home?

Removing mold from your home is as essential as containing its spread. Our SERVPRO team trains and become experts in achieving optimal results while mitigating the risks associated with mold. A thorough remediation process includes removing mold from surfaces as well as mitigating its airborne effects. Some of the techniques you can see taking place in your home could consist of the following-

  • Use of negative pressure air scrubbers with HEPA filters to avoid cross-contamination
  • Ultra-low volume foggers to counteract airborne mold spores
  • Ozone generators can also help clean the air in your home

Dehumidifiers and personal protective equipment also play an essential role in the mold remediation process. Our team at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield is here to help you through the process. Call us at (781) 593-6663 as soon as you suspect the problem and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Six Ways to Maintain Your Home

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

a gloved hand cleaining debris from a gutter Simple home maintainence now can save you big problems later!

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your home. This not only means home spring cleaning, but also home maintenance. After a long winter, many household items may need upkeep or repair. So get your gloves ready and check out these home maintenance tasks for spring.

  • Change the air conditioner filter at least once a month. This puts less stress on the unit and allows it to work at maximum efficiency. Choose a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which traps microscopic particles like mold, pollen, and dust. To replace the air filter, turn off the unit, remove the old filter, and then put the new filter in following the instructions written on its packaging. Don’t forget to also have your AC unit serviced before summer begins.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean and in good shape to prevent household water damage. First, remove debris from the gutters using your hands or a garden trowel. Then use a garden hose to wash any remaining gunk away. Other things you should fix are sagging gutters and gutter leaks. Next, focus on the downspouts – check for clogs by inserting a garden hose in each of them. In case of a clog, remove it using a plumber’s drain snake.
  • Check for animal damage as cold weather can drive animals such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, and opossums to find shelter in your home. They do all kinds of damage to get into your attic, basement or garden shed. Look for signs of chewing on exterior vents, wiring, and building materials. To prevent these critters from entering your home, make sure to seal any entry points and cover attic vents with solid materials. Also, trim the trees around your home.
  • Clean your garage. Sort out the stuff in your garage into things to keep, to give away or sell, and to throw away or recycle. Pressure wash the floor then seal or paint it, and paint the walls too. Save storage space by installing hanging racks, storage shelves, and ropes or pulleys.
  • Clean your fireplace. Give your wood-burning fireplace a makeover at the start of spring. Remove any ash and charred logs using fireplace tools, then clean the fireplace surround. Once the fireplace is clean, cover the area around it with a tarp. Don’t clean the chimney yourself – leave that to a professional chimney sweep.
  • Check window and door screens. As it gets warmer outside, it’s important to prevent insects from entering your home. This means you should check for holes in the window and door screens. Patch holes that are bigger than the size of a quarter. Also ensure screens are securely fastened, lubricate door hinges, and replace broken hardware.

During summer, stay vigilant of thunderstorms and flooding. Learn how to prevent flooding and how to prepare for summer storms. For flood water damage repair and mold remediation service, contact your friends at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield at 781.593.6663

Choose a Professional!

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO professional technicians Do not take chances with your the professionals at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield

When a disaster, such as fire or flood, strikes your property, be sure to hire the right people to restore it. You have the option to hire a contractor that is not necessarily trained in professional disaster restoration. You think that they will do a good job while charging less than a specialized restoration company. Or, you can contact a reputable restoration company like SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield.

In today’s business environment, many companies are looking to increase their revenues by adding new services for which they may have little or NO training. This holds true for companies that perform general cleaning, remodeling, or handyman services. These companies often appeal to homeowners or businesses to perform disaster restoration services.

However, disaster restoration is much more complex than just removing materials. The keyword to remember is restoration. The definition of restoration is to return a structure and its contents to a preloss condition for less than the replacement cost.

Non-restoration companies may proceed as normal and tear out a salvageable structure because that’s what they know. They may discard cleanable contents because they do not understand how to restore them. Of course, that’s not always the best solution. Restoration is often preferable to replacement.

These companies also lack the necessary certifications, experience, and equipment needed to restore a property. In conclusion, though their prices are often appealing, you may end up losing money if the restoration services you’ve received were poor.

The advantages of hiring a professional disaster restoration company

Restoration instead of replacement

True professionals perform a thorough inspection and identify those materials and items that can be salvaged and restored. This allows them to complete the job more cost-efficiently by avoiding replacement costs. So, instead of removal and replacement, restoration helps contain costs and may eliminate the need to file an insurance claim. However, when the only means of mitigation is replacement, they don’t waste time or effort trying to save unsavable items.

Distinguishing between multiple affected surfaces

With many different types of surfaces to clean, it takes a qualified restoration professional to know the cleaning process that each of these surfaces requires and to achieve appropriate restoration. Thus, they understand how to deal with all types of losses, regardless of how the damage occurred.

For example, saving a hardwood floor is greatly preferable to tearing it out and replacing it, and is substantially more cost-effective. They also have the experience to clean and restore a section of drywall, saving the mess, time and cost of replacing it.

Coordinating with insurance companies

The insurance industry seeks timely, quality work performed at a reasonable price by professionals. In our case, these professionals specialize in water, smoke, fire, mold, trauma, vandalism, and more.

Moreover, they can empathize with the insured and service the claim from the initial call through the completion of mitigation. This attitude demands non-stop commitment, a ready, trained and caring certified staff, and the proper equipment and modern methods to service any emergency loss.

Providing correct estimates

Professional restoration firms provide correct estimates using industry-standard software. This enables them to process claims quickly and efficiently. These firms are aware of the most current technologies and methods available to reduce property claims costs. All these factors help keep the claim fair.

State-of-the-art equipment

A professional restoration firm, such as SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, has the state-of-the-science meters and instruments to help determine the full extent of hidden damage. And they have the advanced equipment to perform the work most efficiently. They also monitor the restoration process and only keep equipment onsite if necessary.

Ongoing training and certifications

Professional restoration firms complete ongoing training and development offered through professional training organizations. In addition, they maintain current industry certifications and subscribe to educational restoration magazines and journals.

They are members of regional and national organizations and attend conventions, seminars, and tradeshows, which increase their knowledge and skill in the restoration process. These efforts illustrate their commitment to being prepared when a loss occurs. The knowledge that they possess and continue to acquire will keep them on the cutting edge of the disaster restoration business.

Additionally, they have the business licenses and insurance coverage required for such a business.

For professional disaster restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield!

Clearly, you are best served by calling a true professional to help you restore your property after a disaster. So, be sure that the restoration company you are calling is properly trained and certified.

For all property damaged by water, fire, smoke, mold and any other disaster, call your SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield office at 781.593.6663. We are standing by to provide professional services, 24/7, with trained and certified staff, as well as the best tools and equipment for all emergencies.

Hardwood Floor Drying

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

beautiful hard floors and fireplace Quick action and the proper equipment can salvage your hardwood floors after a water loss

SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield knows how your Massachusetts hardwood flooring can be damaged in a flood.  Let us explain why your hardwood floor needs drying after a flood damage.

After flooding that leaves stormwater coming to rest on the floors of your Lynn, Lynnfield or Nahant home, you only have a finite amount of time before saturation and deterioration begin. Hardwood is particularly sensitive to moisture absorption, and it does not take long for surface moisture to get pulled into the planks. Effective extraction and drying of this material requires multiple specialty drying tools and techniques employed by our experienced water restoration technicians within this limited window.

There are multiple scenarios in which the bulk of water removal from flood damage can happen with towels and a mop. This direct absorption from these tools can reduce the surface moisture, but rarely removes it entirely. Apart from this traditional approach, our SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield team can utilize specialty extraction attachments and wet-vacuums or only use the wet-vac directly on the damaged areas for immediate removal. These potential water removal solutions do not eliminate all of the surface moisture, however.

Not only does some lingering  surface moisture exist, but for exposure that has lasted longer than a day, free moisture absorbed into the wood planks is another factor to consider. Drying these areas can be a challenge with conventional air movers and dehumidification options we might use elsewhere in the house. Instead, our SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield team can install drying mats connected to portable extractors. Depending on the severity of the situation, multiple mats can get used simultaneously.

Tenting with lay-flat poly sheeting can regulate the moisture removal process over these specific damaged areas. When it is probable that hardwood can get protected and stay installed, our professionals must regulate moisture removal to ensure that the planks do not become overly dried. Continual monitoring and documentation of the drying process can ensure that the mats get pulled up when the optimal moisture content levels have been reached.

Extraction and drying of hardwood flooring within the first 48 hours can often save these flooring options from demolition and reconstruction. Our SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield team can utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to return your property to preloss condition quickly. Give us a call today at 781.593.6663

We Care!

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians placing dring equipment At SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, out employees care about our customers

At SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, our number one priority is to make our customers happy. It may sound like an impossible task; after all, we are arriving on the scene when circumstances for our customers are devastating. A fire in their home, a busted pipe which has caused water damage in their kitchen, mold in their office building. These are difficult situations emotionally which is all the more reason for our employees to be sensitive to what our customers are dealing with.

Many times, depending upon the damage we are mitigating, we could spend days, weeks, or even months in customer’s home or office. We get to know our clients one on one. We get to meet their children. We get to hear about their families. We know their pets’ names. We know where they leave the key in case they are not there. We get to know them by carefully handling all of their cherished possessions, sometimes cleaning them and packing them away until their homes are restored.

At the end of the day, we are just people helping people.  That’s what it’s all about. Sometimes that means stopping what we are doing and having a cup of coffee or dinner with our customers if they ask. Sometimes it means taking out the family pet. 

What a beautiful thing to see! Why SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield? Because we care about our customers...and they know it! Let us be the one you call when your life gets flipped upside down..781.593.6663

Emergency Response from SERVPRO

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is your best bet when trying to recover from a disaster

When damage occurs to your home or business, be it fire, water or storm induced, you hope to have repairs made quickly and efficiently so you and your family can return to life as usual. The way to go about having repairs made is to use a specialist contractor who understands your situation and has experience in these types of home repairs and restoration projects. Beyond the actual building repairs, there is the knowledge of specific issues with these types of damages while understanding what your family is going through beyond the actual building renovation.

Small Repairs        

Consider “small repairs” as a technical term, as a contractor views a single stage problem to be a “small repair” even though it certainly doesn’t seem small to the homeowner. When a tree limb damages your roof or a hail storm destroys a section of your siding it’s only considered a small job comparative to restoration from other disasters. A professional contractor understands the importance of repairing such damage quickly before further damage comes of it, and doing the job right the first time.

Fire Repairs

Fire damage is different from small repairs because it typically entails multiple layers of damage. The exterior of the home and the drywall need restoration, along with insulation, wiring, structure inside the walls, and further smoke damage throughout the house. The actual building restoration is the easy part. An experienced contractor can also provide the paperwork and documentation required by fire department, your lawyer, code inspectors, and most importantly your insurance company.

Storms and Flooding

Storm damage which involves flooding is similar to fire damage in that it involves multiple layers of restoration. Your contractor further shows their experience by understanding what is involved in the repairs before starting, and has sub-contractors lined up for each stage of the restoration process. The experienced professional knows how to schedule each aspect of restoration for maximum efficiency so your family can move back into the home as quickly as possible and resume your normal daily life.

There are plenty of great building contractors available who are capable of doing a restoration job after disaster damage. However, such situations present a specific set of challenges. A contractor like SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield who specializes in the actual details pertaining to disaster restoration is going to better suit your needs than a general contractor who focuses on other types of building processes.

Should you need disaster restoration services in the Lynn, Lynnfield or Nahant areas please call SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield at 781-593-6663.

The Dangers of a Poor Fire Restoration Job

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage should be handled by the professionals

Between 2009 and 2013, fire departments across the United States responded to 357,000 house fires each year on average. If you experience a house fire, your next steps will impact the monetary costs of getting back on your feet and the emotional costs associated with a fire. At SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, we believe contacting a professional restoration company to restore your home immediately after a fire will help you jump start the process of getting back into your home. It’s not enough to simply hire a fire restoration company after a fire; the company you hire must be capable. Otherwise, you could face serious long-term problems.


As the adage goes, where there is smoke, there is fire. The damage a house fire causes can be horrendous. It destroys your personal belongings, forcing you to replace the items that can be replaced. However, the damage caused by smoke is as powerful as that of fire. The smell of smoke may not cause physical damage, but the stench of smoke can linger long after the flames have been put out.

Without professional help from a reputable fire restoration company, you and your family could inhale smoke for years, which is a threat to your lungs and your eyes. Individuals who already have problems with their lungs and eyes can experience greater problems if they inhale air stained with smoke for a prolonged time.


When the conditions are just right, mold can grow following a fire. In most cases, hidden water puddles behind walls or in closets are just enough to promote a colony of mold in your home. Unfortunately, the untrained eye may not know what to look out for when it comes to preventing mold. By hiring a professional fire restoration team, you reduce the chances that your home will be invaded with mold months or years after your fire.


Another byproduct of fire damage is soot. Soot is the result of combustion. It is the black film that remains on your belongings after the fire has been extinguished. If you don’t hire a professional to clean your home, an amateur fire restoration company could miss cleaning some areas that are coated with soot. If this happens, and you overlook it too, then the soot could permanently stain some of your belongings. However, if you employ a professional such as our team at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, you won’t have to worry about soot following a fire. We make sure that every nook and cranny is cleaned.

When it comes to restoring your home following a fire, you don’t want to chance anything. You should contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield. Give us a call today...781-593-6663.

Water Damage and What to Expect

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield solve your problem

While you might be aware that a deluge with possible flooding is likely to occur, you are probably like most people and you think that your home will get through it unscathed. Another common scenario is when your washing machine or dishwasher overflows unexpectedly. A third, common instance is when a slow water leak or drip that was not noticed until other signs appeared.

Water Damage Can Appear in Many Different Ways

All of these situations are ones that can damage a home so severely that most homeowners simply don't have the knowledge or the equipment to handle it properly and safely. This is the time to call in the experts. Here's what to expect when you do. 

1. Thorough assessment

When the SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield professional arrives at your home, the first thing you can expect is a thorough assessment of the damage. Not only will this provide you with a comprehensive list of the damages, it often includes an outline of the steps that will be followed to extract the water from your home. 

2. Prepared for anything

SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield will come prepared with the latest equipment designed to help with every phase of the cleanup and restoration process. Whether this is equipment is the type that is designed to remove water from your home like fans, dehumidifiers, extractors and other specialized drying equipment or it is state-of-the-art equipment for the detection of moisture in places that aren't visible to the naked eye, you can expect personnel that is well trained on its proper use. 

3. Experience and expertise

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the standard by which the industry is measured. A certification from this organization ensures that you are getting highly trained personnel. They are armed with the latest techniques that provide them with the expertise they need to tackle are of the scenarios noted above -- and numerous others. This knowledge is backed by years of experience in the methods that have been proven to be effective. 

SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield provides residents of Lynn, Lynnfield, Nahant and the surrounding areas with water restoration services they can count on. With restoration experience reaching back to 1967, SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield offers proven water restoration delivered by their personable and friendly staff.  Call us today at 781-593-6663.


Why You Should Hire a Professional

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

Disaster restoration is best left to the professionals

When a catastrophe -- a water leak or damage by mold, fire or storms -- breaks out out at your home, you might wonder what kind of options you have to repair the event's impact and get life back to normal as soon as possible. One of the first things that people often think is that they can simply take care of the damage themselves and avoid having to call the professionals in to do the job. This is often not as wise of an idea as it might seem to be at first. Here's why:

1. Experience

A property restoration company, such as SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, brings the Lynn, Lynnfield and Nahant area years of experiences -- in the case of SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, more than 30 years of professional experience -- in services like mold remediation, water damage, fire restoration and other emergency services. They have established procedures that have been honed over the years to deliver the best results within the optimal time frame.

2. Equipment

Tackling things like storm damage, fire restoration, mold remediation and other types of emergency services takes specialized equipment. While some of these pieces of equipment could be available for rent, others might be difficult to find. There is also the matter of being able to use them efficiently. Hiring SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield ensures that all the necessary equipment and expertise is included in one price. 

3. Peace of Mind 

When you hire a company, like SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield, that specializes in addressing these emergency issues, you can rest assured that your home is getting the professional treatment it needs to get back into the shape it was prior to disaster striking. Simply give SERVPRO of Lynn/Lynnfield a call at 781-593-6663 and step back to let us handle everything else. You'll be glad you did!