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Does SERVPRO provide Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Lynn?

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher behind fire background Fire damage done to your personal property occurs SERVPRO should be the first call you make. Our techs are trained and experienced in all phases.

Need Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Lynn – Call SERVPRO

Most consumers think of smoke residue as oily grime that must be removed from the walls, floors, and home contents. Smoke residues can be oily, they can also be fluffy, and the residue can also be acidic or alkaline depending on the material consumed in the fire. Strong acids or strong alkaline smoke residues can further damage your contents if left in place too long.

SERVPRO provides fire and smoke cleanup to homeowners and businesses in Lynn. We respond to your home in less than four hours, assess the situation, and deploy fire restoration and smoke remediation technicians immediately. We know our clients are anxious to have their homes back in one piece, cleaned and deodorized.

Burning plastics produce chlorides that combine with water to form hydrochloric acid. Combustion from fires also produces carbon dioxide, which produces carbonic acid after combining with moisture. Although in most cases are mildly acidic, these substances can damage fabrics, porous materials and cause discoloration and corrosion of other materials over time. Our technicians test for acidic and alkaline smoke residue and utilize the appropriate cleaning materials suitable for acids and alkaline residues.

SERVPRO can help residents with all of their fire clean-up needs. Our services include:

  • House Fire Clean Up
  • Water and Fire Damage Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup

Call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield for fire and smoke cleanup in Lynn and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (781) 593-6663.

Does SERVPRO Provide Emergency Flood Damage Clean-Up in East Lynn?

7/17/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Storm and flood damage is not a DIY project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for all the storm mitigation services you need.

SERVPPO Can Help with Basement Flood Damage in East Lynn After a Storm

Flood damage in East Lynn is not always from raging waters after a storm. Water can build up in window wells and leak into a basement. Sump pumps can’t handle the excess water and the basement floods. Broken windows caused by flying debris can allow lots of water into the house during a heavy downpour. Water can seep under the subfloor in the basement, creating excellent conditions for mold infestations.

Fortunately, SERVPRO has managed these types of flood damage events in East Lynn and many more. We have the experience, and we respond in less than four hours to help remove the excess water and begin drying the contents and structure of your basement and home.

SERVPRO provides board-up services to cover broken windows, and we can furnish temporary electrical power to run sump pumps if the local electrical power is not functioning. Our truck-mounted water pumps and extractors can make short work of the excess water in the basement. We also use small wand extractors to remove water in cavities and hard-to-reach areas. In some cases, flood cuts are necessary to remove wet drywall, insulation and dry the structure. Fast response and action reduce the potential for the growth of mold.

Our flood damage services include:

Call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield for flood damage restoration in East Lynn and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (781) 593-6663.

SERVPRO Offers Fire Restoration Services in East Lynn

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire in the kitchen with a fireman. When a fire disaster strikes, call SERVPRO A.S.A.P. Let our trained and ready technicians handle the work for you.

Can SERVPRO Help with Disposal of Fire Damaged Contents in East Lynn?

Many East Lynn residents are surprised at the contents and structural material that must be carted away after a fire. Even a small kitchen fire causing damage to the contents of the kitchen and the cupboards around the oven where the fire took place can cause a lot of damage.

SERVPRO can help with fire restoration in East Lynn. Restoring a home after a fire involves many steps; however, one of the initial actions is to assess what items can be saved and which items must be replaced. Many nonporous items, although they may appear to be severely damaged, can be cleaned. Once we remove the ash and smoke residues, we can save many of your contents.

Structural components and contents damaged by the flames and fire retardants often must be removed. Depending on the amount of material, SERVPRO can arrange for a trailer or dumpster to dispose of these items. We can dispose of leftover restoration materials in this manner.

SERVPRO manages every aspect of the restoration and restores your home, “Like it never even happened.” Our fire restoration services include:

Call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield for fire restoration in East Lynn and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (781) 593-6663.

Does the Initial Fire Restoration Inspection Identify Hazards in East Lynn Homes?

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire damage restoration isn't an easy job. SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians and is ready at a moment's notice.

Damage assessment is vital to creating a safe work environment for fire restoration in East Lynn properties. 

Evacuating a damaged home after a fire damage incident is not uncommon, as many possible threats and hazards could exist for those unprepared or unprotected. While the damage assessment and job scoping process can be a critical step for securing damage claim approval and a restoration plan, this inspection must also seek to find any hazards that might expose workers or bystanders to harm in any way. Some of these dangers might include:

  • Overhead threats (such as ceiling collapses)
  • Electric shock
  • Poor lighting
  • Debris and tripping hazards
  • Circulating carcinogens and contaminants

Creating a Safe and Clean Staging Area Can Benefit East Lynn Homes

A staging area is a method for our SERVPRO professionals to safely begin fire damage restoration in East Lynn homes without a considerable concern for cross-contamination or spreading fire damage. This becomes a convenient location for readily accessible tools, machines, and cleaning products as they are necessary without multiple trips to a vehicle outside.

When fire damage incidents threaten your home or business, you can count on our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team to help. We can make fire damage “Like it never even happened,” when you call (781) 593-6663

A Proven Mold Removal Company for Lynn Warehouses

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage in corner office Mold remediation for your commercial building should be handled by a professional outfit. SERVPRO has you covered from start to finish.

Fast and reliable mold removal tactics for large commercial customers in Lynn. 

As a leading mold remediation team for the area, we must devote our initial efforts to eliminating threatening microbial growth while preventing these microorganisms from spreading throughout the warehouse. Establishing physical barriers is the most efficient method, though it is often combined with negative pressure machines and air filtration.

Proactive Disaster Responses for Damaged Lynn Properties 

One of the things that set SERVPRO apart from the top mold removal companies for Lynn businesses is our commitment to a proactive response to emergencies. Disasters do not wait for convenient times to strike, so our team must be prepared to help at all hours. We ensure the most efficient approach and action by encouraging local businesses to create a free profile with our Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) plan. Beyond designating our talented SERVPRO team as the choice restorers for potential hazards, the app allows you to provide critical information needed when amid an emergency, including:

  • Chain of command
  • Vital structural information 
  • Priorities for restoration and remediation

The threat of mold growth in moist warehouse spaces cannot be ignored, and that is why our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team responds fast with effective strategies to help. You can reach us anytime by calling (781) 593-6663.

What Advanced Moisture Detection Devices Does SERVPRO Use in East Lynn Homes?

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Burst main water line Water removal is a specialty of SERVPRO. We use the latest technology and equipment for any size disaster.

Tracking moisture pockets is critical to efficient water removal and drying. 

Despite multiple tracking methods, portable tablets equipped with infrared cameras offer a lightweight solution to establishing damage perimeters. Thermography uses temperature readings to predict damp pockets and show what tools work best for recovery.

How Do Infrared Cameras Track Moisture? 

Thermal imagery moisture detection helps distinguish and set SERVPRO among the top water restoration companies for East Lynn. Understanding the data these instruments produce can showcase when alternative cleaning and drying efforts might be beneficial. Thermography can read two types of temperature fluctuations, including:

  • Thermal Capacitance – This term is meant to indicate the ability of an affected material to store thermal energy. From water’s natural ability to retain heat to cooler surfaces in damp spaces, infrared imagery can help track moisture.
  • Evaporation – Evaporative cooling takes place when well-placed air movers begin to dry out affected areas. This development gets tracked through surface meters and infrared, with blue colors often pointing to the likelihood of moisture. We can act quickly to deploy drying and water removal tools. 

Following up on water damage with monitoring is wise to prevent irreparable harm when possible. Let our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team help by calling (781) 593-6663.

What Challenges Can Hamper Water Removal From My Lynn Home?

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

a bucket on the ground catching water Does the current situation have you under water? Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO Uses State Of The Art Equipment to Probe and Expedite Water Removal Services in Lynn Properties

Water, whether from burst pipes or ceiling leaks, spreads quickly all over a property. However, removal can take days or even weeks to complete. What is even more consequential is that taking too long to dry the property or leaving traces of moisture creates a separate set of problems such as mold, rotting, and physical changes such as swelling or warping in some materials. 

Knowing the challenges that can hamper water removal from Lynn properties can guide the process leading to the desired outcomes. The two common challenges many homeowners encounter are failure to complete water removal in good time and leaving traces of hidden moisture because of lacking the appropriate resources.

When our SERVPRO teams embark on water damage remediation, we prioritize estimation of the amount of water involved to dedicate enough resources, especially in the first 48 hours, since mold can start growing within that period. We consider the total square feet affected by the water. We also use penetrative moisture meters to check the level of wetness in materials. Thermal cameras, on the other hand, help reveal any moisture in hidden places, thus restoring your property to a preloss state after:

  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield is well equipped to handle any water removal task. Call us at (781) 593-6663. 

Can Fire Restoration Processes Minimize The Need for Replacing Items in Lynn Properties?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with burnt cabinets Recent fire in your home? Team SERVPRO has the tools and trained personnel for fire damage remediation. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Relies on Advanced Techniques during House Fire Cleanup Improving Chances of Item Recovery

In many cases, the aftermath of a fire is characterized by piles of damaged items strewn all over the affected property. Demolition and removal of the damaged materials is, therefore, necessary as part of fire damage restoration.

You can keep the cost of fire restoration in your Lynn property low by minimizing the number of items you have to replace during the restoration process. It is possible to save more items through restoration using skilled approaches and sophisticated equipment.

One crucial phase of the restoration process is isolating items based on the level of damage they have. Salvageable and questionable items can be saved through specialized cleaning, drying, or deodorization. After categorizing the items, our SERVPRO technicians can use various cleaning techniques such as:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning for small items that can be immersed in cleaning solutions
  • Blast cleaning with non-abrasive media such as sodium bicarbonate
  • Cleaning with semi-refinishing products such as wood crème paste

The unique approaches help save materials and thus keep costs manageable when dealing with:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes

Call SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield when you fire restoration services. You can reach us at (781) 593-6663 at any time.

What Is Necessary To Address Water Damage in East Lynn Properties?

5/9/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding a bucket a catch water leaking from her ceiling Water leaks can happen when you least expect them. Contact SERVPRO right away after an occurrence. We are standing by to take your call.

SERVPRO Sends Fully Equipped Teams to East Lynn Properties to Deliver Water Removal Services

The town that once held the title "City of Sin" was settled in the early 1600s. It is the 5th oldest commonwealth colonial settlement. Lynn was established as an industrial center, but economic development had a negative side effect, with crime and vice taking root in the area earning it the infamous moniker. 

Shoemaking was one of the main industries that thrived in the formative years of the city. The first shoemakers set up shop in Lynn in 1635, but it took a while for the industry to thrive. John Adam Dagyr is widely credited with upgrading the quality of footwear made in the city. He settled in the city in 1750 and introduced the ten-footer concept in which a wooded building approximately 10-foot squared was set up and dedicated for shoemaking. The building would hold 5 to 10 artisans and apprentices seating around a table cutting leather, sewing uppers, attaching soles. The ten-footers improved comfort for the artisans since they were heated and also enhanced division of labor, improving the output.

The ten-footers were popular all over New England. However, the quality of shoes made in Lynn was exceptional. President George Washington visited the area in a post-election tour of the young nation and proclaimed Lynn was the "greatest shoe town in the country." 

Another pivotal change affecting the footwear industry happened in the late 1800s after Jan E. Matzeliger arrived in 1875. He created and patented a new machine that could make shoes automatically by 1885. Automation helped make shoes readily affordable to average Americans.

A Cosmopolitan City

Over time, the city has developed in other ways. For instance, unlike the days when shoe production was the mainstay, Healthcare and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Hotels are the dominant employers. 

Lynn is also notable for its large international population, making it a melting pot for different cultures. The downtown cultural district has several distinct properties, including:

  • Lynn Arts a gallery run by a community of artists
  • Central Square Historic district
  • Mary Baker Eddy House

There are also several loft-style apartments within the city. 

What Resources Does SERVPRO Use to Fix Water Damage in East Lynn?

Whenever water leaks into your home, it can affect a wide range of materials. Therefore restoration requires several procedures, including water extraction, cleanup, and drying. In extreme cases, you must replace some items and materials damaged beyond repair. 

On visiting water damage sites in East Lynn, our SERVPRO technicians prioritize inspection to establish what is affected and create an action plan for the restoration. Depending on the amount of water pooling in the property, we can choose an appropriate extractor, whether it is a portable one, truck-mounted, or submersible. 

Porous and semi-porous materials tend to absorb and hold the water. Drying such materials requires the right evaporation rates and proper humidity management. Our SERVPRO technicians use high-speed air movers, industrial dry/wet vacuums, and a variety of dehumidifiers, including LGR and desiccant, making it easy to address:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage remediation
  • Flood restoration

SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield has resolved numerous water damage situations in homes. Call us at (781) 593-6663 if there is an incident at your property.

How Does a Leaking Roof from Storms Get Fixed in Lynnfield?

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

a hole in a roof Leaking roof? Contact SERVPRO for remediation services when affected by flood damage.

Our SERVPRO team can help with repairs and flood damage restoration in Lynnfield homes.

Leaking roofs can often develop when severe summer storms or Nor’easters reach our coastal area. When shingles get removed, or underlayment material becomes compromised, water penetration and subsequent flooding can result. We can help with:

  • Flood restoration
  • Basement flooding
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage remediation

Repairing and Restoring Attic Flooding in Lynnfield Properties

Repairing flood damage to Lynnfield home is often directly correlated to the leaking roof from storms and ceiling leaks that result from any water pooling in unfinished attic space. Emergency services water damage can fixate on extraction and preliminary drying, but our general contractor license also allows for full-scale roof repairs and reconstruction when vulnerabilities exist.

From water damage repairs to flood damage cleanup, our SERVPRO of Lynn / Lynnfield team can help. We have leading water restoration techniques and products. Give us a call today at (781) 593-6663.